Actress. Comedian and Producer, Ludo Vika, is a wild and diversified talent.

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Meet Ludo Vika

Risqué, earthy, fierce and fearless, ex-Vegas adagio dancer Ludo Vika   Know More

The Comedy of Ludo Vika

Meet Ludo Vika: as the Diva Queen of Latin Comedy, She lives La Vida Laughter

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    What people are saying about Ludo Vika…

    ...wickedly funny fusion of dance, theater, stand-up and sketch comedy…this petite dynamo, with her angular sensuality and uninhibited physicality, cooks whether her focus is dance, storytelling, or bawdy comedy - you'll never think of mangoes in quite the same way! “ 

    Lynne Heffley, LOS ANGELES TIMES

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    Mesmerizing Vixen…

    “A diversify powerhouse of a talent, Vika leaves her audiences mesmerized and of their seats in this sinfully guilty pleasure!"  

    Harriette Smith, 90210

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    Ludo Akin to Mae West

    “Ludo Vika has the mouth of Mae West and her initials could stand for Leggy Vixen of Lusty Vamp”  

    Amy Nicholson - L.A. WEEKLY, “PICK OF THE WEEK”

The Many Talents of Ludo Vika

Everything about the Deliciously Bawdy and Beautiful Ludo Screams Entertainer.

Stand-up Comedy

Ludo Vika is the new IT girl of Latin comedy, one of the comic mensch wonders of the world…Read More

TV and Film

Ludo has guest starred on the best of Television…Read More


Like a firecracker let loose on stage Ludo Vika embrace her accent, self-effacing humor, animation and passion into a series of lovable characters. Sarika Chowla IN LOS ANGELES MAGAZINE…Read More


At 15 Ludo made her debut as a dancer on one of Puerto Rico’s most recognizable tv show’s, “Noche de Gala”…Read More

Dave and Ludo

He is a little bit country and she is from out of this country…Read More

Hot and Spicy Mamitas

“…five unregulated, exquisite, vocal and sinfully delicious Latinas. They will rock your world”… Read More


Many of Her Projects are Listed Here

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1212 North Edgemont St.  #1
Los Angeles, CA. 90029
(804) 248-9061

7906 Santa Monica Blvd #205
West Hollywood, CA. 90046
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