Ludos dance journey began in her little town of Barahona, Dominican Republlic.  Her beloved Aunt Tiita would entice the tiny Ludo to dance to the sound of spoons clanking against their teacups.  Soon, the whole town would gather.  Adios Mio, Bialar Magnifico, they shouted!
Her dancing continued when her father moved his 5 girls to Puerto Rico in search of a better life. In Puerto Rico they too shouted, Bialar Magnifico!! It wasn’t long before she heard these same words in French, German, Italian and Spanish as she conquered Europe.   But, Ludo knew the real money was in America and her goal was Vegas! Surprisingly, the words weren’t quite as classy as in Europe but Vegas made it clear , — That Bitch can Dance!  The Legendary Adagio Team of Spin and Ludo Vika went on to set the strip on fire in the early 80s.  Enjoy, you’re looking at Vegas history!

Rare Footage of the Great Adagio Team of Spin & Ludo Vika